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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Faking It

"Call the doctor
Call the doctor
Call the doctor
Call the doctor"
-Sleater Kinney
Little Bird likes to play this game where she complains that something hurts, then we have to "call the doctor" who usually orders about 3-4 kisses to cure her ailments. Occasionally I get up and put a band-aid on her made-up booboo. So, this usually goes something like this: "Oh no, my tummy hurts. Doctor!" Or: "my finger hurts! Band-aid!"
A few days ago we saw a doggie walking down the street and when I mentioned him, she pointed out his tail and I saw the lightbulb turn on above her head. About 10 seconds later she shouted, "Oh NO! My tail hurts!!" Absolutely adorable.
And to think that one big issue with Little Bird has been her lack of imaginative (pretend) play!! Actually, I was looking at old videos and I realized that she's been faking it for years. Here's a cute video of Little Bird fussing, then stopping suddenly to be sure I am still paying attention. Hilarious!

1 comment:

Julie said...

Hey Dani! B's cheeks are SO chubby in that clip! I almost didn't recognize her!
She makes me smile:)
See you both soon!

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