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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

5'1" of strength (ok, 5' 3/4")

I hate when people say shit like "everything happens for a reason" when referring to things like cancer or autism or foreclosure (a few things I don't respect enough today to capitalize). I know that people don't know what else to say, and they want to be compassionate, but come on... Maybe I'm just bitter because I know some fabulous mommies who don't deserve autism in their children and some amazing people who would be hard-pressed to find a good "reason" for their cancer.
Another gem that people bust out is "there's a reason you were chosen for this". UGH. People tell me that I was "chosen" to be Little Bird's mom; "chosen" to have a kid with special needs?? Again, I know people are just trying to say something, anything, to provide comfort, so I'm considerate of that fact. Anyway, it's an interesting point. I mean, it's true that this happened to ME and not to some other moms I know. And a few months ago, it occurred to me that YES, Little Bird IS really lucky to have ME for a mom.
I was at a gathering with about 10 other moms and their kids (dads were there too, but I'm not really counting them). I looked around the room for a minute and I realized that NONE of these wilting flowers could handle for 10 minutes what I go through every day. They have no effing clue!! I'm tough as balls and I work hard every freaking day to get my kid where she needs to be. I know I'm tougher and stronger than a lot of other girls I know and Little Bird IS really really really lucky to have me for a mom.
I haven't had it easy. But rather than sit around feeling like the victim because I've faced a lot of hardship in my life, I'm using that fire and putting it to good use: to save my kid. Please remind her of this one day!! So, maybe some of my tough times really did happen for a reason... to build me up and into the woman I am today: Little Bird's mommy.

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lorib said...

you rock!

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