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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

-Kings of Leon
My fabulous friend Lori just called me because she knows someone whose kid has Autism and is interested in The Friendship Circle. Lori wondered if it was ok to give this lady my phone number. She knows me enough to know that of course I'm happy to help ANYONE out!
Here's the thing.... my life is an open book. I learned long ago that we are as sick as our secrets. I don't keep secrets about myself or my life- unless it would hurt someone else. I've learned so much from so many people who have gone before me; I've been able to learn through the experiences of others and drawn on their hope. I'm always willing to do the same for someone else.
I have made some great friends just by going through hard times. I met my best girlfriend when our infant girls were in an Early Intervention class (I never wanted to end up there); I've met tons of loving, helpful moms in therapy centers and doctors' waiting rooms (I never wanted to end up there); I even made a good friend on a special needs message board a few years ago (I never wanted to end up there). I'll just throw in that I've made lifelong friends in Michigan (and I never thought I wanted to end up here!).
Friends totally surprise me. Some of the ones you're not sure of turn out to be amazing friends in the end, and others you thought you could count on fade away. Tough times have given me the chance to re-evaluate, prioritize, and learn NOT to sweat the small stuff!!

1 comment:

lorib said...

im right with ya on that sistah!
thanx for thinking im fabulous. i still have a long way to go to be as fabulous as you!

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