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Monday, February 16, 2009


"Crash into me"
-Dave Matthews Band
This sucks. Looking back, some of it was kinda amazing. We went to CVS to get something for G's trip. They didn't have it. We went to Efros Pharmacy next. G ran in, got the goods, hopped back in the car. He saw the lady coming. He laid on the horn. I shouted NOOOOOO. He sped up a bit. Thank g-d he did. She would have rammed right into Little Bird. Instead, she obliterated my lights and entire side panel. G got out of the car and asked her "are you in a hurry?" She said YES!!! Crazy. Like I have time for this??!! At least she knew it was her fault. Seconds later, we heard "Greg, I saw the whole thing- it was totally her fault!" Our friend Danny G (great name, right?!) happened to be in the parking lot at the same time.
The good news is it took me no time to realize how lucky we were that Little Bird wasn't hit or hurt. She's really all I care about. All the time.
Funny though... if only CVS had the stuff we needed; or if there was one more person in line ahead of G, or if we didn't stop to kiss when he came back to the car with sour gummy worms (it WAS Valentine's Day after all).
When I showed my friend Batsheva, she said, "Your car doesn't look pretty, but at least you have it covered in magnets!" Can you tell we love Friendship Circle? I'm just saying.... the spots covered in magnets are untouched :)

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