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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just Another Girl

"You're just another girl"
Okay, you know those little grocery carts that are for kids to push around the store and make their parents crazy? I always see kids pushing those carts all around the market and their parents are always so annoyed because the kid is all over the place: not moving fast enough, not moving slow enough, not moving at all. First of all: parents, chill out! Let your kids play a bit; they ARE kids, after all. Anyway, LB never really showed any interest in that stuff because it's so totally typical and there's not much about my bird that can be called typical!
A few weeks ago, we went to Trader Joe's and there were the cute little kid carts at the door. I was completely shocked when LB walked right over to the cart and started pushing. I know those other parents always seem so agitated, but I was thrilled. I was alone, so I couldn't share it with anyone, but OMG, she just did something so normal!!!!! She pushed that cart all over TJ's and filled it with GF/CF pancakes, soy yogurt, avocados, and GF/CF turkey hotdogs!! I thought she looked so cute doing it. Later when I saw the picture above, I realized that she looked like a homeless hot mess. But that's ok, because she totally did something I wasn't sure I'd ever see.
Hey other parents, try to remember that when you are so annoyed and impatient with your kid, someone else is praying that their kid would do whatever it is your kid is up to. I remember that all the time. Little Bird is doing things now that she couldn't do last summer; things I wasn't sure I'd see. I know people who would give a digit for their kid to be where Little Bird is, so I try to stay realistic, and try to come from a place of gratitude. I've never been so happy to help steer a small cart around a crowded grocery store while strangers were staring at us!
Later that same day, we went to the airport to pick up daddy. We'd made a sign, covered it with Dora the Explorer stickers, and colored all over it. When he came walking through the customs doors, she ran right up to him proudly displaying her sign. Hard to tell who loved this moment more: LB or G! All the other people around oooohhhhed and aaaaahhhed and awed. But in that moment, no one could tell that we weren't your typical family. We didn't look anything like what you think of when you think Autism. She was amazing. It was a great moment. We hold on to those moments and remember them because we need that hope to keep us going. We need to pull that moment out of our pockets when we are stuck in fear, worry, and frustration.
That was a great day. G-d willing, there will be many more to come.

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lorib said...

i hate to admit it...but im one of those parents who can get annoyed easily. sometimes i have no patience and get frustrated. i appreciate you writing this. i will surely look at things thru different eyes. thanx for opening them :)

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