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Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm not perfect, I'm hungry!

"Everybody's got a hungry heart"
-Bruce Springsteen
There are two decent delis in the area: Steve's and Stage. I pity the fool who thinks that Deli Unique is a decent deli. All three of these delicatessens have one thing in common: they make me miss Brent's Deli in Northridge, CA.
Stage Deli is about 1.5 miles from my house, so it's really easy. The food is good too. However, the guy who owns the place is a total asshole. That makes us NOT want to give him our patronage.
When we used to order off the kids' menu for Little Bird (before the whole GF/CF thing), we'd ask if they could substitute fruit for the french fries. I mean, does every child meal have to come with fries? Yes it makes the kids happy but you know what else it makes them?? FAT! Alas, they'd let us know: NO substitutions. I'd kindly explain that this is in the best interest of my child's health. I mean, I'll pay a little extra for fruit over the fries. They really wouldn't do it.
Ok, that was just one pet peeve. Also, they don't have breakfast meals (a la the pancake sandwich at Brent's). Instead, it's all a la carte. At a freaking deli??
The worst thing is... while the Detroit economy is in the dump and people are feeling desperate, they raised prices and shrunk portions. Unbelievable! You can no longer order half sizes of salads in the evenings, you must order the large size and pay the larger price. I just feel like you need to super-serve your customers and make it happen- whatever the request. If you talk to anyone who works there or has in the past, they'll agree that the guy is a total ass.
Why am I telling you all this? Because today I caved and picked up soup and a salad. They have this amazing garden vegetable soup on Saturdays. Plus, the Beltaire salad is so good and I knew it would be a good fit for my dinner. So, I put aside my morals for some delicious deli. I'm not perfect, I'm hungry!
My friend Batsheva teases me because I'm very strict about shopping with a conscience. You'll never see me at Walmart/Sam's Club because I don't dig their labor relations and obviously I disagree strongly with the way they censor the music (and other art) they sell and their refusal to provide effective forms of birth control to women. I've also never gone to Meijer here in Detroit because I am not comfortable with some of the ammo they offer. Those are things I won't budge on. Then again, neither of those stores sell that garden vegetable soup.....

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