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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I left my heart....

"If you're going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair"
-Scott McKenzie
Someone recently said that it was so courageous of me to "expose" myself to the world through this blog. She said "I love that you put so much of your heart out there". Really, I think that's the only way to do it- whatever the venue or media, you've just gotta put it all out there. 
But this reminded me of my life in San Francisco (what I remember of it), and how I'm no stranger to "exposure". Especially when the L Taraval MUNI passed by the apartment!!
So, if you were a part of my life in SF, whether it was at Mary Ward or 25th and Taraval, please leave me a little comment or give me an "I was there!" But, dude, keep it clean... I think my rabbi reads this shit. 
In all seriousness, if you were there with me, you should know that those years were the best, most fun I've ever had. Ever. 


Samantha said...

I am happy to be first to say I WAS THERE with you! Those WERE amazing times, even though at the time through my skewed (read: altered) perspective it sometimes felt like everything was a chore...even just DRIVING down the half a block to El Burrito Express or walking across 25th to that odd little liquor store/hole-in=the-wall to buy the wine with the moon and stars.

Everything was lighter then and even the way I looked at myself was easier and more confident, the way you can only be when you're 18 and thin.

We didn't know how easy we had it in our awesome little nest on Taraval Street...

Thankfully, we have the memories. Some of them, anyway...

P.S. I am grateful and wistful at the same time that digital cameras didn't exist when we were in college.

lillie said...

Hey Girl! I was there too! I shared that cute front bedroom with Mr Melo. Ahhh how times have changed from the 6 footers in the morning. what about the rager we threw and the kids let off the fire extingguishers in the hallways and garage all over Boris' mercedes! SWEET! I wonder what happened to Eric and Ashley.
Those were great times and memories to cherish!
Loves ya, Lillie

Nicole said...

I was there to! It however, was nothing like that for me Sam. I was 18 and fat as fuck! Sorry Rabbi! But I loved every minute of it. From the late night beer runs to the early morning flash of some little girls breasts waking me up...for no reason. I wouldn't have had it any other way. So much of me I left there, one day I will be back. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I think I came became a man there.

I miss the sound of the train passing by as Jake Dylan sang One Headlight, and I poured through back issues of HITS. Best days ever.

Much love!

Jessica Harrison said...

wow, this posting actually made my eyes water. It makes me miss you and your boobs so so so so so much. :)

kathy gillman said...

Boobs? Whose boobs? What boobs? Danielle, you are so grounded! Love, Mom

Jessica Harrison said...

LOL! Oops...sorry Kathy. You're Dani is an angel, I swear! (cough cough)

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