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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

"My funny valentine.
Sweet comic valentine.
You make me smile with my heart. 
Stay little valentine, stay.
Each day is Valentine's Day."
-Richard Rogers
Yesterday my phone rang.  I answered, "There's my Valentine!" He said, "yeah, about that..."
He decided on a last minute trip to Japan for a few days before he spends a week in China. He leaves today just after he takes our little girl to gymnastics class. Another week or so of sleeping in the middle of the bed, cereal for dinner and MY TV shows! Actually, my friend Susan gave me the first season of Brothers and Sisters to watch since so many people (especially my sister) say it's so great. Like I need another show to watch!!
So this Valentine's Day, I'll be alone. Don't feel bad for me, we're not Hallmark holiday kind of people. Each "Sweetest Day" I remind G that it's coming up and he says "We're not from the Midwest, so it doesn't count for us!" It's not the flowers that he brings home on the holidays that matter; it's the ones he brings home on a random Tuesday evening; or the way he'll warm my car up for me on the really cold mornings. It's the extra coffee he makes in the morning, knowing I'll be hitting it in the afternoon. I guess what I'm saying is every day is Valentine's Day. Yeah, I'll be alone tonight, but don't pity me, I'll be eating G's portion of dessert as well as my own. 
Just a side note: When G and I were both growing up, our doggies (Kona and Tino- of blessed memory) were both born on Valentine's Day. So, I'd like to tip my proverbial 40, or in this case kibble, in their honor. Shout out to the best puppies EVER!

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