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Friday, February 6, 2009

The girl with the pearl earring

"O-o-old habits die hard
when you got
when you got a sentimental heart"
So here's the thing.... I'm pretty tough on the outside but a big fat softy on the inside. "You may be a softy, but not a big fat softy" you say?? Why thanks! I'll take it. But seriously, I'm very sentimental. I stopped watching Oprah because the woman makes me cry every freaking time she gives someone a gift. Seriously, even when she gives the audience a stupid candle.... tears. Don't get me started on the time she had Stevie Wonder surprise a kid who'd won a contest singing "Isn't She Lovely". No joke, I kept that on my tivo for months and watched it over and over and balled my eyes out each time. I was pregnant and had massive amounts of hormones pulsing through my veins at the time, but still. 
This week, my mother-in-law came for a visit and she brought me a gift: the pearl earrings she wore to her own wedding. OMG!! I love that sh*t. I'm a fool for those kinds of sweet sentiments. I cherish those things. I have a good amount of jewelry, even though all I wear regularly is a small platinum band on my left ring finger. But it's the pieces like this: her wedding earrings, my grandma's anklet and her diamond earrings; these are the things that turn me into a big bowl of mush. I hope that one day I share these things with my own daughter, and I hope that she will feel the same way I do; able to appreciate these sweet, sappy little things like a big ol' sentimental fool.

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lorib said...

maybe a skinny mini softy...:)

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