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Monday, February 2, 2009

Doin' it for the boobies

"Let's take a long walk..."
-Jill Scott
It was just about a year ago that Tami first felt the lump. Knowing that her father had fought breast cancer (yes, men get it too), she wasted no time and got to the doctor immediately. The news wasn't good. Cancer. She'd begin a rough course of Chemotherapy, losing her hair, her energy, and her taste for chocolate! It was unbelievable to see the kind of support she was getting. Turns out that a LOT of people love Tami!! We learned shortly after that there was more to this journey, and thus, Tami has just finished another round of Chemo, is getting ready for some radiation. 
A couple weeks ago, Tami's Dad lost his own battle with cancer. That funeral was filled with people who love that family and are committed to helping fight this disease along with Tami and her family. Please consider joining us as we Race For The Cure on May 30th at Comerica Park. Visit My Race For The Cure page, make a donation, register for the event, or pass it on to someone else who might want to participate.  It's all going to the same place, so check out Tami's Race Page too!!
Check out Tami's CaringBridge page and follow her story. She is so amazing. We need to raise awareness about Breast Cancer and the BRCA gene. I love this girl and I'm so blessed to have her in my life!!!


Tami Fink said...

All I can say is DITTO!! You are an amazing friend and a great role model. I'm so glad you started this blog so we can keep up on your life (especially Brodie's life) without bugging you.
I can't wait for you to join me in the Race for the Cure a raise $$ to save the boobies!!
Your the best! XOXO

lorib said...

tami rocks!!!!

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