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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cheese Pit!

In my former life (B.A. - before Autism), I might have made things a bigger deal than they were. Ok, I've certainly had moments of drama queendom. Things that once mattered seem so silly now. I am grateful for the ability to put things into perspective. However, this new attitude can make me kinda judgmental of others who might not have had, shall we say, the same opportunities to see things for what they really are. I will never forget how hurt I was last summer when I was hanging out with a bunch of other moms and their "typical" (read: normal, common) kids, and one mom complained about how hard her day was. It seems that her 3yr old wanted to wear her bathing suit ALL day long. This was what made that mom's day so hard. At first I thought, "how can she even say that in front of me?? That's a hard day?" But the truth is, she doesn't know what its like; how could she? I tell that story to bring up the point that I am sensitive and I can easily judge others, but I'm working on it, ok???
Since G's been out of town, a couple weeks ago I took Little Bird to her gymnastics class. There are a few moms, but it's mostly dads and their kids. One cute dad, but the rest are SO not. We all finished up on the balance beam and made our way over to the cheese pit (the big pit of foam blocks). So, the dads and I jump in with our kids and there's one mom who tosses her kid in but stays on the sidelines. When a dad asked "aren't you coming in?" She said "No, the foam sticks to my Lululemons." Holy shizzzzzz, did she just say that?!! Thank you, Autism, for giving me different priorities. Not only do I not care AT ALL about foam sticking to my pants, but why do I need the poshest gym clothes? Old Navy's stuff is good enough for me! But really, that is precious fun time with your kid and you're worried about foam on your frickin' fancy workout pants? You effing loser!!!
I'm grateful for having my priorities straight and not letting something like a little foam on my tush keep me from rolling around and giggling with my baby bird.


lorib said...

that is so funny. ill get foam on my tush with you guys anytime!!! my kohls leggings can take it. and also...i know what youre saying about people saying things in front of you that might seem so unconsiderate. but i will say this. when i look at brodie...i dont see her differently than the other kids. i just see a beautiful little girl. so i can see how people would not "censor" what they say around you...because they arent thinking or seeing what you may be feeling. that being said....people are still morons at times. i wish the hardest part of my day was my kid wearing a bathing suit!!!! its kind of funny. i dont get angry or upset. i have to laugh!

Matt B said...

Dani...Great Post. I like your edgy-ness. For all those parents who come to class only to socialize, I say get the "ef" out! We don't need you. By the way (not to correct you), it is actually the cherry pit. Although I would gladly dive headfirst into cheese. As for the 1 cute dad, I know who it is. But don't worry I will not tell your hubby you have fallen for the Asian guy in class. Your secret is safe with me.

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