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Monday, January 26, 2009


"It was just the flu"
Saddest. Picture. Ever.
Something always happens when Greg leaves the country. One year it was an earthquake (when we were living in earthquake country), once a tornado warning in the midwest (my first), once a massive snowstorm, and many other non-act-of-god-like issues.
This morning I went to wake up Little Bird and she was hot, pale, and weak. I decided I'd keep her home from school, but if she wasn't vomiting, she was going to Occupational Therapy and then VBA this afternoon (both very expensive and pre-paid). Of course, she started puking. Being home alone, I needed help. Since Shay was also home throwing up (very nice of our girls to share), Lisa couldn't bring me pedialyte. Massive thanks to Wendy who delivered the goods in no time. This picture was taken at the doctor's office. So sad. He confirmed it's just the stomach flu. When I asked, "just the 24 hour one, right?" he replied with confidence, "oh no, kids have been sick for days with it." Awesome.
Thankfully, she's feeling better than this morning, but I can't help but get nervous that I'm going to get it too. It's never good when the mommy gets sick- especially when I'm all alone in the Midwest (please picture the back of my hand on my forehead and hear me sigh). I'm trying to take some comfort in the fact that last year when I got the stomach flu, I came away 2 pounds lighter and able to fit into a really old (yes, pre-Little Bird), really cute pair of jeans. What? Look, you can take the girl out of appearance-driven LA, but you can't always take the appearance-driven LA out of the girl.


lorib said...

sorry to hear :(
remember...my mom has adopted you. ask her to get you pedialite. she will!

Jessica Harrison said...

haha....you are one sick cookie! A gluten free, sugar free cookie of course.

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