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Friday, January 2, 2009

The New Year

"So this is the new year/And I don't feel any different."
-Death Cab For Cutie If you know me, you know that I have a bad poker face and if I'm upset, it shows. What you might not know- since I've been kinda isolated lately, is that the past few weeks have been awful for me. I think Lisa is the only person who really knows that. But then again, she's the only person who really knows everything. I'm a pretty tough cookie and I can take a lot, but suffice it to say: I never expected this. So, it's been tough. I've been looking forward to 2009, starting a new year and hoping that simply by watching a big crystal ball drop, things would be magically better. Out with the old, in with the new and all that. Well, Happy New Year! I really do believe in karma; actually, I believe that if you do good, it's gotta come back to you sooner or later. I do not, however, believe that when bad stuff happens to you its because you've done something to deserve or warrant such things. SO, I do good. Plus, I do feel good when I do good and I do feel it's important to "do the right thing." Ugh- that's Mike Huckabee's new book title. That guy is freaking nuts!! Anyway, there I was driving down Orchard Lake, on my way to the store to pick up a little plant for my chiropractor in order to welcome him into his beautiful new office, when I noticed an old man in the car next to me holding a map and looking really lost. I saw a red light ahead and figured I could stop a car length or two behind the car in front of me in effort to see if I can help this guy find his way. Then I noticed a cop behind me and thought "oh, maybe that nice police officer would be able to help this old man." Maybe 3 seconds later, the lights go off and I realize I'm being pulled over- smack in the middle of trying to perform two good deeds at once (the plant and the directions). This cop comes up to my car door and tells me I have expired tags. Weird. In Michigan you renew your registration on or before your birthday- which means I'd had expired tags for 3 months. This kid must have been 19. I actually played the Autism card and said "I'm so busy trying to cure my kid's Autism that I must have forgotten to renew!" It didn't work. I guess Officer J. Pettinato (ID # 137) with the West Bloomfield Police Department doesn't have much compassion. He wrote me a ticket for $115, then had the balls to wish me a happy new year. I went to Michigan's version of the DMV, the Secretary of State where I found out that the reason I never got renewal papers was because they had the wrong address on file. How can they have my driver's license correct, but registration wrong? I paid them $150 to renew, then headed to the court house where they took the $115 from me. All in a day's work. Never a dull moment for me. Now I look forward to lighting the Shabbat candles and saying a little prayer for the poor, heartless soul of Officer J. Pettinato (ID # 137). Then I will host a dinner gathering for friends tonight and let another friend host me tomorrow night. Who knows what will happen in between...


lorib said...

you have a blog!!!! killer...!
i thought you mentioned something on facebook, but dont recall seing a url. i cant wait to read it! :)

lorib said...

dani...just read this after i already wrote to you. first of all...i think you can fight the ticket in court. they had the wrong address on file. you should fight it. ask dan...hell help you. second...i still call the secretary of state the DMV. everyone looks at me weird. lastly...im sorry to hear youve been so down. i hear ya on that one. if i can do something...let me know. or we can commiserate together? as far as the cop and ticket go tho.....its annoying, but try to breathe thru it. so many worse things could have happened. my standard line..."as long as everybody is safe and ok"

Jessica Harrison said...

YAY BLOG!!! Props for figuing out how the hell to start one of these things. Well, I'm not a TOTAL idiot, I did create a website for our wedding. Anyways, I like hearing what's up with you, my little Wonder Woman! Sorry to hear about the douche bag cop. I guess the good thing to come out of it is......sorry, I can't come up with a single thing. Less money you would have spent on booze???!


Elanah Hunger said...

You mean it isn't the DMV? Hmmm... And I've never even had a driver's License anywhere else! You can maybe feel a little bit better about the situation if you acknowledge that any cop (esp. a young one) who gives a pretty mommy a ticket for expired tags, especially after she's explained the autism time commitment, has a very tiny penis that likely can't be corrected with surgery or enhanced by any of those pills that TV ads are always talking about... And really, at the end of the day, having a tiny penis and accompanying personality deficits are way worse than $115!!

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