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Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold as balls (a technical weather term)

"Ice Ice Baby"
-Vanilla Ice
Yes, that says -10 but it feels like -27
So, yeah, I quoted Vanilla Ice. What about it?
When I was at MCP High School (or day care) in Van Nuys (you might know that as the porn capital), if it rained before 10am, it was a "rain day" and we were out of school at lunch. At least that's how I remember it. Any other "mounties" reading this who can back me up? Please tell me this is true and it's not just that I ditched at lunch if it rained. Once, when I was 14 it rained so much, for so many days, and the whole valley seemed to flood. There was no school for a week. My parents were in London producing a concert celebrating the life of Freddie Mercury and I spent the week at Todd's house. I'm sure I told Sandy (his mom) that my mom was cool with it. Sorry Sandy. I can't believe she bought that. Plus, why as she letting me sleep there- I was 14!!!! But I digress... my point is that a little rain was what kept us out of school in LA. I'm not used to this -27 windchill shizz. This is freaking cold!!
PS: I just decided that since I mentioned Todd here, I'd like to post a link to his awesome website. Please take a look how talented my favorite ex-boyfriend is... Todd Brown Photo

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