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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What are you doing New Year's eve?

"Maybe it's much too early in the game/Ooh, but I thought I'd ask you just the same/what are you doing/New Year's eve?"
-Diana Krall
If you look up the word resolution online, all you get is a bunch of technical stuff about pixels and dots. You need to search for "New Year's Resolutions" and that's when you learn that it is a reflection on the changes we want to make and our commitment to keep them. I always wonder who makes these lists, but someone posted a list of the top 5 resolutions of Americans (ok, it was really the top 10, but I don't have that kind of time). Here they are and my take on them: 1- spend more time with family: If I were writing this, I'd say spend more time with family doing what I want to be doing. Time with family is fine, but doesn't it depend on what that entails? 2- Get fit: ugh, so cliche. Halfway through January I am so ready for all those people to give up their resolutions so I can get a better parking spot at the gym. Not that I particularly love my gym by the way; the people who work there are not friendly. I mean, you see me every day (ok, not EVERY day) would it kill you to smile and say hi? They're worse than the girls next to me on the elliptical who never even look over and give a hello, because the staff is at least getting paid. Those gym girls actually crack me up. I mean, you're in the freaking 48322, not the 90210 and I should know- probably more on that another time. 3- Tame the buldge: isnt this the same thing? I guess this is more about NOT eating such shit food. Seriously, nothing you get from drive thru tastes good enough to me to enlarge my muffin top (hopefully those who know me are thinking "dani doesn't even have a muffin top!"). 4- Quit smoking: I guess this is a good one. I wish smoking wasn't bad for you because I'd probably do it- maybe it's just the deep inhales and exhales I like. 5- Enjoy life more: I suppose this would be mine. However, in order to enjoy life more, I'll need a cure for autism, shorter work hours for my husband, more days on my boat, more grey goose, and a much better attitude. I guess I'm not so much into making resolutions. Isn't it setting ourselves up for failure? I think this year I'll resolve to write 09 on my checks. Oh and by the way... 09??? How did that even happen? Isn't it still 97 and I'm 20? So I guess I won't resolve to have a better attitude since we all know that'll never happen!

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lorib said...

"dani doesn't even have a muffin top!"

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